Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Savvy Shopper - ode to the bowl

(loving that Ercol chair and the I Need Nice Things print...)

I haven't done a behind-the-scenes post for a while, so here are some iphone snaps I took at the Sunday Age Savvy Shopper 'bowls' shoot we did a few weeks back.  As you'll see, Mike and I have a rather lame-but-fun-for-us tradition of jumping into the shot once we have finished shooting - I have some crackers that will NEVER, EVER see the light of day as we look way too

a) hideously tired
b) dishevelled
c) uncool
d) paint covered
e) sweaty
f) really uncool

Yep, she's a glamorous life.  Here's how the day unfolded...
yum, all that lovely product, let's make it beautiful.

(insert break here for a quick but mandatory chilli burger at the Yellow Bird in Chapel Street ,Windsor)

then we are done, so it's time to goof off...

Mike is clearly "internalising a complicated situation in his hid"

and finally, here is how it ended up on the page...

These images and copy appeared in the Sunday Age M magazine last Sunday.  Photography by Mike Baker, styling and writing by me, copyright owned by Fairfax Media Ltd.

As always, do contact me for any product/stockist info.



  1. I have a product info request : where did you get that great cardi? x C

  2. Lolz. Come to Melbourne,

    I stole it from Pocahontas!

    Sportsgirl actually.


  3. I like it all!
    Particularly because you both clearly have a sense f humour!!!
    TM xx

  4. How's April looking for you? Seriously need some King action x C